Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The one

I was super happy when I get a request to do my favorite blushes! It was definitely going to be featured in my "7 things" List. The only problem is, tho I own quite a few, I really am only "In love" with one. Luckilly "The one" comes in a ton of colors to suit your mood/skintone:) 

Tarte Cheek Stains.
I am so in love. 
I have owned 2 shades of these in the past: Dollface and Tipsy. Tipsy is my go to everyday sunkissed look blush.( My dollface got awful in the sun left in the car:(  I got Tipsy 2 Christmas's ago from my hubby. When I opened the present I thought to myself, "Dear Jesus, why the F!@# did my husband get me a neon orange blush?" I left in unopened for a while. One day I was messing around and decided to open and try it. ZOMG. I was in love. It looks NOTHING like the packaging would suggest. It gave me this dewy sun kissed look. I would discribe the color on my cheeks as a perfect summer peach. Its super sheer and despite what the name implies it is not a stainy stain. What I mean by that is, It's not staining to you skin, and is easy to work with. Ive used a lot of stains where as soon as you apply you better be quick, bc its going to stain your skin quick. After you apply it tho, the staying power is all day. This blush blends in really well also. I apply this with a blending sponge, foundation brush, or even straight up outa the package. 

The only down side to this product, to some, may be the price. 
The stain runs 30.00$ for 1 oz of product. I can assure you this is a makeup "investment piece".It lasts FOREVER.  So much so that just like clockwork, I opened a present from the hubs, and there is was staring at me in the face for the 2nd Christmas in a row. The thing is, I didnt need it. I still have half a tube from the previous Christmas. Is that awesomly hygienic? Probably not. ;) But the point is that this stuff WILL LAST. And sometimes they have sampler sets of 3 smaller tubes. You get to try several colors with out the commitment:) I def recommend this blush to anyone looking to build their makeup collection. 

XOXO Nerdy girls! 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Put your paws up!

Hey Darlings!
This week I wanna bring you 7 things every person who does makeup should have in their arsenal. These items are essential for makeup artists, beginners, those with the passion of makeup in a hobby, or even someone who just does their makeup occasionally. All these things are MUST haves for every person out  there! 7 things, 7 reviews, 7 days of blogging. All for you! So let me know if you have anything you consider a must have, or something youd like to see me review! 

The first thing is going to change your life. Broad statement? Maybe. Is it true? Definitely. 
Now whether you are an experienced MUA, or just the mom who does their makeup for date nights (this is so me sometimes) everyone can use this. Do you mix foundation? or blot your brushes? The first place you're most likely to do this is the back for your hand.Which works, but can make you stained, messy. It always goes from the back of my hand, to my face. Dont ask me how, it just does. :) 
This is the paw palette. Its an artist's palette for makeup. It isnt a boring artist palette either that restricts one hand.  It has attitude. I got mine in a BOW. A BOW. If you know me, I am BOW OBSESSED. They also come in hearts, lips..so cute. The best thing about this palette is it goes around your hand leaving it free to grab and hold and function!

I mix my foundation. Im so light that I rarely find the perfect shade. And when the seasons change I jump 3 different shades. So mixing for me creates the perfect match. Before i would mix on my hand, making a huge mess and wasting product. This is sooo much easier.

The other thing I'm going to be using this for is pigments. If you take your pigments, that you may usually just use as shadows, and wet them, they make an ideal liner. I am using a shot glass full of water to dampen my brush, and mix with pigment on my palette. Youll see the pigment transform in front of your eyes to make the perfect liner. You can really use this palette to mix pigments to custom create your own gorgeous shades. 

The palette is made of acrylic, doesn't stain, and the products wash right off with warm water and soap:) 

Im showing you on the palette, color stay foam and fit me foundation
Black Orchid pigment from MSB
Heliotrope purple pigment from MSB 

I also would like to say that this week these 7 items are all what I REALLY use. No one paid me to write about them or anything shady like that. These items are paid for myself and it is my honest opinion. I will always give you honesty no matter what!:) 
Now to the photos!!!


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Late night sweet tooth

Thanks for staying up for a late night sweet tooth with me!
Holly Garcia Caramel
Caramel was the winner!
The giveaway was for some super moisturizer lip balm/gloss in caramel. From ErzulieCosmetics! I just purchased some mineral eyeliner pencils from them and I LOVE them. I figured I would share this awesome etsy shop with you all!



Hey guys! I wanted to come to you with a quick blog about a mineral eyeshadow company. I feel like the rabbit in Alice in wonderland. The very very late one. The company is Aromaleigh. Apparently they have been around for forever. I have also seen a bit of drama attached to them as well. Anyone have the inside scoop? Well anyhow. They are revamping their collections and having a out with the old in with the new sale. I have ordered 4 times. Its sad, and I am an addict. I know, I know.:) I wanted to show you guys some swatches b/c I think the sale is only going on until the 20th or so. I totally love these pigments, they are SO rich and last all day. I dont know why they left, but I'm glad they are back:)
And ps. They have a harry potter collection. I DIED! So here's a look:)
XO Dolls! 

-*-* Tomorrow we are taking a trip down the yellow brick road, and later this week is my full Hogwarts house makeup looks:) ****

Sirius is a MUST HAVE. I ordered it, and re ordered 3 more. It is the perfect silver. Perfect for the tear duct area to brighten up your eyes. 

Celestial is another must have. It goes on very sheer baby pink. You can do it wet or in several applications to achieve a more true pink. 

Some of the HP collection!!
My first Harry potter look- Gryffindor!
Rocking My beauty Addiction's Pharaohs gold and RED HOT!
SHOP HERE! - The sale is bananas. 2.50 per eyeshadow!
Aromaleigh gets a 4 out of 5 Lumos lit wands from me. They didn't get 5/5 bc there is little to no communication with the seller( not that I needed any) But I prefer a warmer more personalized experience. But for 2.50$ who can complain <3

I also want to say, that this is my honest opinion. I bought this shadows with my own money and was not paid to pimp this company!
Thanks everyone for your borrowed photos:)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Put your best bling forward

“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” -Coco Chanel. 

Coco Chanel always said to put on your outfit and accessories, take off one, then you are good to go. So this post is all about accessories. What is YOUR favorite accessory?

For me, anything bow related. I am SO bow obsessed that I have a tattoo of a big red bow on my wrist. I figure, I'm pretty absent minded, so this way,my favorite accessory is always with me!

From rings, to hats, to shoes and bags. There are so many different things to complete or build off of an outfit. I def believe that the right bag or statement necklace can make the outfit.

I started my jewelry collection just a few months ago. My husband jokes that when he met me he could count on never having to buy me dresses or jewelry bc I was just not into it. 5 years later I have def evolved. I think the same is true about accessories. We grow older, some grow more demure, or some bolder.

In my makeup hunt(s) for you guys, I came across one company I wanted to share, and one I've known about for a while.

Star wave creations-
SWC is an awesome mineral etsy shop I stumbled across while browsing one day. She has rich colors, and a creative perspective. Pair that with the sweetest owner. When I reached out to her to discuss her products being featured on the blog she was generous enough to offer something for a giveaway! Now, I will be reviewing the mineral products in a separate blog. It all seemed to be more organized this way:) SWC makes gorgeous handmade jewelry. Let me say that these pieces are unique and tasteful:) They are young and fresh. I love when someone has the ability to take an idea, and create something from it. Its fashion magic:) I def think that if you are on the hunt for some unique accessories, you should stop by her page. And the makeup? Ill give you a little preview on my thoughts....LOVE IT!

The other is Monica's Fantabulous Fashions. I literally could write a book on Miss Monica's Facebook shop. I love her items SO much. They are affordable and of great quality. I had been getting all of my jewls from F21 bc they are soo cheap. But, almost all of them would fall apart 2 weeks later. With Monica's products, I've never had an issue. She carries IT ALL. Again, a book could be filled. Her page is worth a look and you will NOT be disappointed. She may be the sweetest person I've had the pleasure of getting to know.

Now, What I'm sure you all came here for. See it all ties together.... mwahaha ;)

The ladies who submitted entries were entered to win earrings from my two favorite accessory shops! Told you it was fabulous! One from SWC and MFF.

I had a ton of entries! It was hard to pick 2! But, (evil laugh again;) I managed:)

SWC Prize: Gorgeously hand made silver plated French hook, Stone ceramic bead earrings.

MFF Prize: Copper Gold and bronze earrings:) Sooo pretty!

I will double check that the winners liked both of the facebook pages of our awesome accessory shops!

The winners:

Delilah Perez for her fun hat, and fashion forward shoes, bag and necklace.- She wins the Star wave Creations prize! 

And Brenda! 

For her bling bling BLING! She wins the MFF prize! 

Keep in mind to like both of our accessory shops! Keep your eyes peeeeeld. Lots of giveaway and blogs this week!:)  



XOX nerds!