Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The one

I was super happy when I get a request to do my favorite blushes! It was definitely going to be featured in my "7 things" List. The only problem is, tho I own quite a few, I really am only "In love" with one. Luckilly "The one" comes in a ton of colors to suit your mood/skintone:) 

Tarte Cheek Stains.
I am so in love. 
I have owned 2 shades of these in the past: Dollface and Tipsy. Tipsy is my go to everyday sunkissed look blush.( My dollface got awful in the sun left in the car:(  I got Tipsy 2 Christmas's ago from my hubby. When I opened the present I thought to myself, "Dear Jesus, why the F!@# did my husband get me a neon orange blush?" I left in unopened for a while. One day I was messing around and decided to open and try it. ZOMG. I was in love. It looks NOTHING like the packaging would suggest. It gave me this dewy sun kissed look. I would discribe the color on my cheeks as a perfect summer peach. Its super sheer and despite what the name implies it is not a stainy stain. What I mean by that is, It's not staining to you skin, and is easy to work with. Ive used a lot of stains where as soon as you apply you better be quick, bc its going to stain your skin quick. After you apply it tho, the staying power is all day. This blush blends in really well also. I apply this with a blending sponge, foundation brush, or even straight up outa the package. 

The only down side to this product, to some, may be the price. 
The stain runs 30.00$ for 1 oz of product. I can assure you this is a makeup "investment piece".It lasts FOREVER.  So much so that just like clockwork, I opened a present from the hubs, and there is was staring at me in the face for the 2nd Christmas in a row. The thing is, I didnt need it. I still have half a tube from the previous Christmas. Is that awesomly hygienic? Probably not. ;) But the point is that this stuff WILL LAST. And sometimes they have sampler sets of 3 smaller tubes. You get to try several colors with out the commitment:) I def recommend this blush to anyone looking to build their makeup collection. 

XOXO Nerdy girls! 

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