Tuesday, January 24, 2012

First contest!

I did my first makeup contest with MBA. It was to use these 3 colors, 

how do you think I did?
Excited to do more of these in the future!

Oh so addicted..

Someone call AA. Or, MBA-A. Want to know what I need rehab for? My Beauty Addiction.
MBA (My beauty addiction) is an etsy shop that's sells everything fabulously homemade. Pigments, Body butters, and lip crack. I mean lip gloss. I stumbled over this etsy shop while browsing. Just so ya'll know, diy makeup companies on Etsy are not scarce. So finding one that catches my eye enough to give a closer look is a big deal:) The page is colorful, and the products unique. Now, comes the confession. I've ordered twice or three times in the past week and a half.

The company is owned by a very friendly and talented lady named Sherrie. She is very talented with her ever expanding creations. I first ordered shadows, then branched off to gloss and a lip stick in my next order. If the shadows didnt blow me away, the glosses knocked my socks, hat and clip in extensions off my head. They smell divine and the colors are SO rich for a gloss. Normally my gloss usually wears off quickly. I dont know if its me, or the gloss sucks. ( Does anyone have that same problem?) Well with this gloss, not only are they rich in color, but they stay in place and pigmented for ever!

I also purchased my first nude lipstick, it is so creamy and gorgeous!

My next venture with MBA is going to be the body butters. I mean, how stinking edible does this look? And besides having a makeup addiction I have a serious 'Everything Cherry' addiction.

My over all experience with this company is that they have filled my void left my Mineral Maven. If I am digging for a baby pink eye shadow or bright yellow, and don't seem to have or find one, they are going to be my go to shop. Shipping is freakishly fast. Colors last until you dont want them to! I give this company 5/5 Lumos bright wands.

On to something related and completely different. I'm an Ohio girl, born and raised. Its just slightly recent that Ive taken up shop in the beautiful SouthWest. Being anywhere in the midwest something you are always around is Football! A man addicted thing in our house ( And I admit I got into it this year). So I thought I would marry the two addictions:) I was inspired to do so from a facebook makeup contest. So heres a contest for you ladies! I will send you a full size jar to try MBA! All you have to do is comment below with your nfl team of choice! (Congrats if you are going to the super bowl)

My beauty addiction colors swatched. (Football colors) 

Im sure we will be seeing lots of MBA products in the future, bc "My name is Liz, and I'm an addict" ;)

(I am NOT a steelers fan, but wanted to showcase these awesome colors. My husband is a hugeee steelers fan which makes it interesting in our house when the Browns and steelers play:)
I will be uploading a browns look tonight as well:) 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fab Five Freddie told me everybody's fly! Rapture beauty review

Have I got something for you guys today! I have an review, and if you hold tight til the end, im SURE itll be worth the wait. :)

Now I wanna talk Rapture...

......No, not THAT rapture!
Rapture beauty:)

 I have 3 eye-shadows and a blush to share with you from a fabulous mineral company!:)
The items came so quickly, and the seller/owner couldn't be more of a peach:) Such a flawless process from start to finish. I opened my package, and 3 little eye-shadows and a HUGE blush greeted me! Not only that but Kelly at Rapture beauty included a mini eye-shadow applicator and blush brush. How awesome.
All products are eco-friendly and made by Kelly's own two hands. She makes her products using all natural high quality ingredients that are actually good for your skin. And if you are like me, and break out when anything is applied to your skin, this is great news! Now on to the swatches:)

From left to right we have:
Stormy. Stormy is a grey with silver shimmers. Its a great color bc it works with the light and movement to showcase its dimensions.
Swiss Miss: Swiss Miss is exactly what you would think, A hot cup of coco on a cold day. It is rich and creamy. Oober pigmented. It has some light brown/copper undertones and shines beautifully.
Ever Green- Ever green is the perfect go to green. It is more Matte and is a true green. Blends like a dream with other colors.

I also swatched Princess: Princess is the perfect girly blush. It reminds me of a Nicki Minaj color. I cant wait to mix this with some clear gloss and make a hot pink pout! 

All in all I would totes reccomend this company and their products to my friends. I love the timely manor that the products came, the seller is very friendly, and the products were totally impressive! 

So! Since I LOVE this company and the products I have, I wanna share!! I am going to do my first giveaway with Rapture! The evergreen mineral is up for grabs! All you have to do is follow this blog and comment with your name. A name will be drawn by random and you can win the eye shadow!!:) 

((All my colors are swatched with Urban decay Primer potion.))

Swiss miss on my lids, a sweep of stormy on the outer. Under brow is gold glow by Simply Natural by Bean 

Pink pout with princess blush and clear gloss

Blue eyes pop with brown hues on your lids

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Double Mint! Shoe Mint!

Try and not have the 'double you flavor, double your fun' jingle stuck in your heads!
Now that your minds have gone to 80's jingles mush, Lets talk shoes. (Well, what else?!) 
I was contacted thru my 'everything fashion' facebook page to participate in a survey for a new
SHOE OF THE MONTH (insert movie phone man voice) club! Shoemint.com
Shoemint is a shoe of the month club, just like Shoedazzle,  Just Fab, or any other.  They are more "high end"

since they work with Steve Madden, use geniune materials. They also are partnered with Rachael Bilson. (Think OC, not Dawsons Creek) 
The damage to your bank account? 79.98 monthly. (If you do not opt out every month you WILL be charged)

I chose the wine Pauline. So gorgeous. So gorgeous in fact that they sold out before I could click to check out.
Since I didnt know how long I had to use the code, I jumped on the black version.

Shipping took FOREVER. Not only that but because the company is so new, the shipping tracker was not
into affect.  My package got lost, then found, then lost again. When the Pauline arrived, they were slightly messed up, with exposed white stitching. Not a big deal for a dollar. Big deal for 80$? You bet.

I kept her still, after live chatting with some girl was worse than a pap. She was careless, and slow. I really HATE beachmint customer service. This shoe sat in my closet over the holidays, and I did finally wear her with comfort and semi ease while out and about. All in all the experience was about a 5. 

Bc I'm a bit forgiving, I wanted to give Shoemint another try with the Jolly. 

I found a code via the StyleMint facebook page for 30$ off. So, I did it. I instantly regretted it. I could've
bought so much Butter Beer fudge with that.....Le sigh. But alas. When they arrived...Perfection.
She is a lace up wedge. Leopard pony hair. Im glad I did buy them, its quickly become my favorite pair. But, without a code, I dont know if I would have spend 80$ on them. I also should note that I ordered up on both pairs including this one. .5 on the Pauline, and a WHOLE SIZE on the Jollys. SM def runs small.
( I HATE being on these shoe clubs and girls say, "TTS for me, Most comfortable shoe i ever own". I call bullshit. I DONT have wide feet, or long toes (wtf??) But thats what is said if you dont find their shoes fitting like a dream. 

My general opnion of Shoemint is that they are not worth the 80$. They market that as being affordable, and against some CL's they are. But, 80$ to the college student, the single or stay at home mom,  80$ IS A LOT OF FUCKING MONEY! They do only offer a few style suggestions as well. So if you are looking for many choices, a full show room, this isnt the club for you. No excitement, no deals, no referral system. So, with that said, I wont be ordering from them again until I can get my hands on a 
promo code or there is more of a selection. 

How was your ShoeMint experience? Let me know! 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Minerals and Reviews and Swatches Oh my!

So over the past, month, I have ordered a F*!@ ton of mineral makeup. I wanna share the good, the bad, and the revolting with you. Revolting enough you wouldnt even share this with Aunt Marge! 

All things mineral!
Mineral Maven
Sweet Face Minerals

Today I'm going to start with Mineral Maven.
Im starting with this etsy shop, bc they have been by far my 
favorite, despite some bumps in the road. I ordered 5 
shadows over black Friday. I was told they had about a
 10 day turn around due to the holidays, and that their shop
going thru a remodeling and relocating:) 
They had some pretty awesome sales going due to the 
relocating. I got 
HUGE 5 gram jars for about 5$ a jar. Thats amazing. I have 
heard good things online about this seller and couldn't have
more excited to order! Well,... I had a long wait ahead of me.
 I received one shadow the day before Christmas. I thought
 it odd,
so i emailed the seller who said due to inventory purposes, 
they shipped separately and that my other one would be 
right behind it. Well, it wasn't. I emailed the seller and didn't
 hear back right away, so by the 5 of January I contacted 
Paypal. I guess my email got lost in the shuffle, bc the seller
 responded to paypal right away saying usps lost my package.
She refilled and resent my order the same day. I got them on 
the 9th. Now, (PHEW) with all that craziness behind me, 
we can move onto the shadows!! 

(Ok yes I realize I am sporting some 
Chewy hairy looking arms, but i can assure you 
and my ego i am not that hairy looking, damn camera)

Swatched with UDPP

Ego trip, moving on......
From left to right! We have:
Smoke and Mirrors - A silvery shimmer.
Its Complicated- This is a good name, bc when applied dry
 with no primer it seems a 
little Goldish/Greenish. With a primer its def more gold, 
and with a wet brush more greeny. But i LOVE this
Express Yourself- This is a brown, bronzey shimmery 
wonderful, old spice chocolate...man of a shaaddoww..........
Yikes! Ok, snapping back to reality, yawn.
 This shadow is out of the gazillions i own MY TOP favorite.
 Gorgeous with 
a wet brush, and the all day staying power! Love. In. Love
Superstitions- This is a purple shadow. It does 
NOT photograph well. Its a "meh" dry shadow for me 
that only pops when 
applied wet. Then it becomes a pretty matte eggplant.
 Wouldt re order this one.
Sugar Daddy- Sugar daddy is a true gold. I found its a
 little "vegas-y" For my tastes, but i used it with 
Sally Hansen Top coat
for a GORGEOUS goldy mustard polish. 

All In all i WOULD order from this seller again.
 The shadows are by far the best quality and most long lasting.
They are VERY pigmented. 
With exception of superstitious.  (Dry) 
I def will be using these shadows in my daily routine! 

Up and.....Walking.

Hi !! <3 
I am beyond excited to finally start on my brain child! My blog! I have wanted to start this for some time now! Now that that holidays have dwindled down, I think its time. 

Ive been wanting to start a blog for girls/women to stop in to see/share/discuss beauty and fashion. But I've found that my quirky sense of style, isnt really like a lot of other's. So here's a place to share the whimsical, the quirky, the ultra nerdy! Because, nerdy girls are fashionable too:) 

Im going to start with some reviews/hauls. Ive been wanting to do them for FOREVER now:) I cant wait to share all the finds I have with you guys! Things will be up over the next week:) So be patient with me! Im up and walking, hope to be up and running soon!! 

Until then! 

Finite Incantatem!!