Monday, January 9, 2012

Minerals and Reviews and Swatches Oh my!

So over the past, month, I have ordered a F*!@ ton of mineral makeup. I wanna share the good, the bad, and the revolting with you. Revolting enough you wouldnt even share this with Aunt Marge! 

All things mineral!
Mineral Maven
Sweet Face Minerals

Today I'm going to start with Mineral Maven.
Im starting with this etsy shop, bc they have been by far my 
favorite, despite some bumps in the road. I ordered 5 
shadows over black Friday. I was told they had about a
 10 day turn around due to the holidays, and that their shop
going thru a remodeling and relocating:) 
They had some pretty awesome sales going due to the 
relocating. I got 
HUGE 5 gram jars for about 5$ a jar. Thats amazing. I have 
heard good things online about this seller and couldn't have
more excited to order! Well,... I had a long wait ahead of me.
 I received one shadow the day before Christmas. I thought
 it odd,
so i emailed the seller who said due to inventory purposes, 
they shipped separately and that my other one would be 
right behind it. Well, it wasn't. I emailed the seller and didn't
 hear back right away, so by the 5 of January I contacted 
Paypal. I guess my email got lost in the shuffle, bc the seller
 responded to paypal right away saying usps lost my package.
She refilled and resent my order the same day. I got them on 
the 9th. Now, (PHEW) with all that craziness behind me, 
we can move onto the shadows!! 

(Ok yes I realize I am sporting some 
Chewy hairy looking arms, but i can assure you 
and my ego i am not that hairy looking, damn camera)

Swatched with UDPP

Ego trip, moving on......
From left to right! We have:
Smoke and Mirrors - A silvery shimmer.
Its Complicated- This is a good name, bc when applied dry
 with no primer it seems a 
little Goldish/Greenish. With a primer its def more gold, 
and with a wet brush more greeny. But i LOVE this
Express Yourself- This is a brown, bronzey shimmery 
wonderful, old spice of a shaaddoww..........
Yikes! Ok, snapping back to reality, yawn.
 This shadow is out of the gazillions i own MY TOP favorite.
 Gorgeous with 
a wet brush, and the all day staying power! Love. In. Love
Superstitions- This is a purple shadow. It does 
NOT photograph well. Its a "meh" dry shadow for me 
that only pops when 
applied wet. Then it becomes a pretty matte eggplant.
 Wouldt re order this one.
Sugar Daddy- Sugar daddy is a true gold. I found its a
 little "vegas-y" For my tastes, but i used it with 
Sally Hansen Top coat
for a GORGEOUS goldy mustard polish. 

All In all i WOULD order from this seller again.
 The shadows are by far the best quality and most long lasting.
They are VERY pigmented. 
With exception of superstitious.  (Dry) 
I def will be using these shadows in my daily routine! 

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