Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oh so addicted..

Someone call AA. Or, MBA-A. Want to know what I need rehab for? My Beauty Addiction.
MBA (My beauty addiction) is an etsy shop that's sells everything fabulously homemade. Pigments, Body butters, and lip crack. I mean lip gloss. I stumbled over this etsy shop while browsing. Just so ya'll know, diy makeup companies on Etsy are not scarce. So finding one that catches my eye enough to give a closer look is a big deal:) The page is colorful, and the products unique. Now, comes the confession. I've ordered twice or three times in the past week and a half.

The company is owned by a very friendly and talented lady named Sherrie. She is very talented with her ever expanding creations. I first ordered shadows, then branched off to gloss and a lip stick in my next order. If the shadows didnt blow me away, the glosses knocked my socks, hat and clip in extensions off my head. They smell divine and the colors are SO rich for a gloss. Normally my gloss usually wears off quickly. I dont know if its me, or the gloss sucks. ( Does anyone have that same problem?) Well with this gloss, not only are they rich in color, but they stay in place and pigmented for ever!

I also purchased my first nude lipstick, it is so creamy and gorgeous!

My next venture with MBA is going to be the body butters. I mean, how stinking edible does this look? And besides having a makeup addiction I have a serious 'Everything Cherry' addiction.

My over all experience with this company is that they have filled my void left my Mineral Maven. If I am digging for a baby pink eye shadow or bright yellow, and don't seem to have or find one, they are going to be my go to shop. Shipping is freakishly fast. Colors last until you dont want them to! I give this company 5/5 Lumos bright wands.

On to something related and completely different. I'm an Ohio girl, born and raised. Its just slightly recent that Ive taken up shop in the beautiful SouthWest. Being anywhere in the midwest something you are always around is Football! A man addicted thing in our house ( And I admit I got into it this year). So I thought I would marry the two addictions:) I was inspired to do so from a facebook makeup contest. So heres a contest for you ladies! I will send you a full size jar to try MBA! All you have to do is comment below with your nfl team of choice! (Congrats if you are going to the super bowl)

My beauty addiction colors swatched. (Football colors) 

Im sure we will be seeing lots of MBA products in the future, bc "My name is Liz, and I'm an addict" ;)

(I am NOT a steelers fan, but wanted to showcase these awesome colors. My husband is a hugeee steelers fan which makes it interesting in our house when the Browns and steelers play:)
I will be uploading a browns look tonight as well:) 


  1. San Fran had a great year!!

    (Also the giveaway will be open until the end of the night Friday) 1/27:)

  2. New England patriots for sure!! they've been awesome throughout the season!! n they surely deserve to win!! Fingers crossed for the FINALE!! :)))

  3. I'm a Seattle Seahawks fan, but I'm surrounded by (in laws!) 49rs fans! I will admit, SF had a great year! Seattle, not so much..

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