Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Double Mint! Shoe Mint!

Try and not have the 'double you flavor, double your fun' jingle stuck in your heads!
Now that your minds have gone to 80's jingles mush, Lets talk shoes. (Well, what else?!) 
I was contacted thru my 'everything fashion' facebook page to participate in a survey for a new
SHOE OF THE MONTH (insert movie phone man voice) club! Shoemint.com
Shoemint is a shoe of the month club, just like Shoedazzle,  Just Fab, or any other.  They are more "high end"

since they work with Steve Madden, use geniune materials. They also are partnered with Rachael Bilson. (Think OC, not Dawsons Creek) 
The damage to your bank account? 79.98 monthly. (If you do not opt out every month you WILL be charged)

I chose the wine Pauline. So gorgeous. So gorgeous in fact that they sold out before I could click to check out.
Since I didnt know how long I had to use the code, I jumped on the black version.

Shipping took FOREVER. Not only that but because the company is so new, the shipping tracker was not
into affect.  My package got lost, then found, then lost again. When the Pauline arrived, they were slightly messed up, with exposed white stitching. Not a big deal for a dollar. Big deal for 80$? You bet.

I kept her still, after live chatting with some girl was worse than a pap. She was careless, and slow. I really HATE beachmint customer service. This shoe sat in my closet over the holidays, and I did finally wear her with comfort and semi ease while out and about. All in all the experience was about a 5. 

Bc I'm a bit forgiving, I wanted to give Shoemint another try with the Jolly. 

I found a code via the StyleMint facebook page for 30$ off. So, I did it. I instantly regretted it. I could've
bought so much Butter Beer fudge with that.....Le sigh. But alas. When they arrived...Perfection.
She is a lace up wedge. Leopard pony hair. Im glad I did buy them, its quickly become my favorite pair. But, without a code, I dont know if I would have spend 80$ on them. I also should note that I ordered up on both pairs including this one. .5 on the Pauline, and a WHOLE SIZE on the Jollys. SM def runs small.
( I HATE being on these shoe clubs and girls say, "TTS for me, Most comfortable shoe i ever own". I call bullshit. I DONT have wide feet, or long toes (wtf??) But thats what is said if you dont find their shoes fitting like a dream. 

My general opnion of Shoemint is that they are not worth the 80$. They market that as being affordable, and against some CL's they are. But, 80$ to the college student, the single or stay at home mom,  80$ IS A LOT OF FUCKING MONEY! They do only offer a few style suggestions as well. So if you are looking for many choices, a full show room, this isnt the club for you. No excitement, no deals, no referral system. So, with that said, I wont be ordering from them again until I can get my hands on a 
promo code or there is more of a selection. 

How was your ShoeMint experience? Let me know! 


  1. I consider myself very lucky because I haven't had any problems with any of the shoe clubs I'm apart of. SM shipping the first time took forever and I'm guessing they weren't prepared for the mass amounts of orders they received. The next three times I ordered I had my shoes the very next day (I live less than an hour away from their warehouse). I agree that $80.00 is too much for their shoes and to be $80.00 and some have had quality issues is unacceptable. Like you, I used codes each time. While I love SM I won't be ordering without a code either they're a little too expensive.

  2. Haven't tried them and doubt I will. When they first started promoting themselves I really wanted Pauline and collected enough invites to get 25$ off, but when they launched they didn't ship to Canada at that point so I said screw it and deleted the code. After they announced they were shipping to Canada(20$ shipping) I had heard enough bad reviews to avoid them. for 100$ I can get 2 SD shoes!

  3. When I saw the first month's selection, I thought, "This is IT?" There was no way I could justify spending any amount of money on those shoes. This month's selection isn't much better. I will stick with Sole Society for quality and ShoeDazzle for selection!