Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fab Five Freddie told me everybody's fly! Rapture beauty review

Have I got something for you guys today! I have an review, and if you hold tight til the end, im SURE itll be worth the wait. :)

Now I wanna talk Rapture...

......No, not THAT rapture!
Rapture beauty:)

 I have 3 eye-shadows and a blush to share with you from a fabulous mineral company!:)
The items came so quickly, and the seller/owner couldn't be more of a peach:) Such a flawless process from start to finish. I opened my package, and 3 little eye-shadows and a HUGE blush greeted me! Not only that but Kelly at Rapture beauty included a mini eye-shadow applicator and blush brush. How awesome.
All products are eco-friendly and made by Kelly's own two hands. She makes her products using all natural high quality ingredients that are actually good for your skin. And if you are like me, and break out when anything is applied to your skin, this is great news! Now on to the swatches:)

From left to right we have:
Stormy. Stormy is a grey with silver shimmers. Its a great color bc it works with the light and movement to showcase its dimensions.
Swiss Miss: Swiss Miss is exactly what you would think, A hot cup of coco on a cold day. It is rich and creamy. Oober pigmented. It has some light brown/copper undertones and shines beautifully.
Ever Green- Ever green is the perfect go to green. It is more Matte and is a true green. Blends like a dream with other colors.

I also swatched Princess: Princess is the perfect girly blush. It reminds me of a Nicki Minaj color. I cant wait to mix this with some clear gloss and make a hot pink pout! 

All in all I would totes reccomend this company and their products to my friends. I love the timely manor that the products came, the seller is very friendly, and the products were totally impressive! 

So! Since I LOVE this company and the products I have, I wanna share!! I am going to do my first giveaway with Rapture! The evergreen mineral is up for grabs! All you have to do is follow this blog and comment with your name. A name will be drawn by random and you can win the eye shadow!!:) 

((All my colors are swatched with Urban decay Primer potion.))

Swiss miss on my lids, a sweep of stormy on the outer. Under brow is gold glow by Simply Natural by Bean 

Pink pout with princess blush and clear gloss

Blue eyes pop with brown hues on your lids


  1. i love the giveaway!!! and i really enjoy reading your blog, you are very creative

  2. Great blog! Love it :) love your eyes!

  3. Adorei o blog e as dicas de maquiagem, faz uma visita no meu tb! beijos

  4. Love your blog! Nerdy girls unite!

  5. Following you now! Loving your blog so far!

  6. Do you only use mineral make up? I have some but I am scared to use it, it looks messy!

  7. Very pretty colors. I love mineral makeup & have been using it for years. It's the only all-natural makeup that I won't break out into hives.

  8. Hey read ur blogs!! pretty informative for a girl like me who has jst got introduced to this world of makeup n shoes!! :) wld love to read more of ur blogs soon!! :)