Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Put your best bling forward

“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” -Coco Chanel. 

Coco Chanel always said to put on your outfit and accessories, take off one, then you are good to go. So this post is all about accessories. What is YOUR favorite accessory?

For me, anything bow related. I am SO bow obsessed that I have a tattoo of a big red bow on my wrist. I figure, I'm pretty absent minded, so this way,my favorite accessory is always with me!

From rings, to hats, to shoes and bags. There are so many different things to complete or build off of an outfit. I def believe that the right bag or statement necklace can make the outfit.

I started my jewelry collection just a few months ago. My husband jokes that when he met me he could count on never having to buy me dresses or jewelry bc I was just not into it. 5 years later I have def evolved. I think the same is true about accessories. We grow older, some grow more demure, or some bolder.

In my makeup hunt(s) for you guys, I came across one company I wanted to share, and one I've known about for a while.

Star wave creations-
SWC is an awesome mineral etsy shop I stumbled across while browsing one day. She has rich colors, and a creative perspective. Pair that with the sweetest owner. When I reached out to her to discuss her products being featured on the blog she was generous enough to offer something for a giveaway! Now, I will be reviewing the mineral products in a separate blog. It all seemed to be more organized this way:) SWC makes gorgeous handmade jewelry. Let me say that these pieces are unique and tasteful:) They are young and fresh. I love when someone has the ability to take an idea, and create something from it. Its fashion magic:) I def think that if you are on the hunt for some unique accessories, you should stop by her page. And the makeup? Ill give you a little preview on my thoughts....LOVE IT!

The other is Monica's Fantabulous Fashions. I literally could write a book on Miss Monica's Facebook shop. I love her items SO much. They are affordable and of great quality. I had been getting all of my jewls from F21 bc they are soo cheap. But, almost all of them would fall apart 2 weeks later. With Monica's products, I've never had an issue. She carries IT ALL. Again, a book could be filled. Her page is worth a look and you will NOT be disappointed. She may be the sweetest person I've had the pleasure of getting to know.

Now, What I'm sure you all came here for. See it all ties together.... mwahaha ;)

The ladies who submitted entries were entered to win earrings from my two favorite accessory shops! Told you it was fabulous! One from SWC and MFF.

I had a ton of entries! It was hard to pick 2! But, (evil laugh again;) I managed:)

SWC Prize: Gorgeously hand made silver plated French hook, Stone ceramic bead earrings.

MFF Prize: Copper Gold and bronze earrings:) Sooo pretty!

I will double check that the winners liked both of the facebook pages of our awesome accessory shops!

The winners:

Delilah Perez for her fun hat, and fashion forward shoes, bag and necklace.- She wins the Star wave Creations prize! 

And Brenda! 

For her bling bling BLING! She wins the MFF prize! 

Keep in mind to like both of our accessory shops! Keep your eyes peeeeeld. Lots of giveaway and blogs this week!:)  



XOX nerds!

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