Monday, February 27, 2012

Put your paws up!

Hey Darlings!
This week I wanna bring you 7 things every person who does makeup should have in their arsenal. These items are essential for makeup artists, beginners, those with the passion of makeup in a hobby, or even someone who just does their makeup occasionally. All these things are MUST haves for every person out  there! 7 things, 7 reviews, 7 days of blogging. All for you! So let me know if you have anything you consider a must have, or something youd like to see me review! 

The first thing is going to change your life. Broad statement? Maybe. Is it true? Definitely. 
Now whether you are an experienced MUA, or just the mom who does their makeup for date nights (this is so me sometimes) everyone can use this. Do you mix foundation? or blot your brushes? The first place you're most likely to do this is the back for your hand.Which works, but can make you stained, messy. It always goes from the back of my hand, to my face. Dont ask me how, it just does. :) 
This is the paw palette. Its an artist's palette for makeup. It isnt a boring artist palette either that restricts one hand.  It has attitude. I got mine in a BOW. A BOW. If you know me, I am BOW OBSESSED. They also come in hearts, cute. The best thing about this palette is it goes around your hand leaving it free to grab and hold and function!

I mix my foundation. Im so light that I rarely find the perfect shade. And when the seasons change I jump 3 different shades. So mixing for me creates the perfect match. Before i would mix on my hand, making a huge mess and wasting product. This is sooo much easier.

The other thing I'm going to be using this for is pigments. If you take your pigments, that you may usually just use as shadows, and wet them, they make an ideal liner. I am using a shot glass full of water to dampen my brush, and mix with pigment on my palette. Youll see the pigment transform in front of your eyes to make the perfect liner. You can really use this palette to mix pigments to custom create your own gorgeous shades. 

The palette is made of acrylic, doesn't stain, and the products wash right off with warm water and soap:) 

Im showing you on the palette, color stay foam and fit me foundation
Black Orchid pigment from MSB
Heliotrope purple pigment from MSB 

I also would like to say that this week these 7 items are all what I REALLY use. No one paid me to write about them or anything shady like that. These items are paid for myself and it is my honest opinion. I will always give you honesty no matter what!:) 
Now to the photos!!!


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