Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Hey guys! I wanted to come to you with a quick blog about a mineral eyeshadow company. I feel like the rabbit in Alice in wonderland. The very very late one. The company is Aromaleigh. Apparently they have been around for forever. I have also seen a bit of drama attached to them as well. Anyone have the inside scoop? Well anyhow. They are revamping their collections and having a out with the old in with the new sale. I have ordered 4 times. Its sad, and I am an addict. I know, I know.:) I wanted to show you guys some swatches b/c I think the sale is only going on until the 20th or so. I totally love these pigments, they are SO rich and last all day. I dont know why they left, but I'm glad they are back:)
And ps. They have a harry potter collection. I DIED! So here's a look:)
XO Dolls! 

-*-* Tomorrow we are taking a trip down the yellow brick road, and later this week is my full Hogwarts house makeup looks:) ****

Sirius is a MUST HAVE. I ordered it, and re ordered 3 more. It is the perfect silver. Perfect for the tear duct area to brighten up your eyes. 

Celestial is another must have. It goes on very sheer baby pink. You can do it wet or in several applications to achieve a more true pink. 

Some of the HP collection!!
My first Harry potter look- Gryffindor!
Rocking My beauty Addiction's Pharaohs gold and RED HOT!
SHOP HERE! - The sale is bananas. 2.50 per eyeshadow!
Aromaleigh gets a 4 out of 5 Lumos lit wands from me. They didn't get 5/5 bc there is little to no communication with the seller( not that I needed any) But I prefer a warmer more personalized experience. But for 2.50$ who can complain <3

I also want to say, that this is my honest opinion. I bought this shadows with my own money and was not paid to pimp this company!
Thanks everyone for your borrowed photos:)

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